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Pet Care veterinary clinics decided to create a product that not only helps dog owners, but veterinarians as well. Our product is different from others with the network that we use for data transmission, functionality and that we want to be as honest as possible and that’s why everything will be open- source (algorithm, calculations, output data etc.). In addition, one of the main goals was to create a device with excellent durability and to provide IP67 waterproof rating.
This project born from us as a veterinarians, it’ s no only a product for us, but without help only few can see the daylight, so we decided to create a campaign for crowdfunding.

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The idea of BoneX was born in 2021 whenveterinarian and founder of bonex smart collar Toms noticed that there were no Helium network connected dog collars that could collect pet`s general health condition related to the total daily activities. Looking at the collar offer in the market there were products that he liked, but no products he loved and would choose for himself.

While discussing the idea with professionals in the veterinary industry, a clear vision of what we want to see in the product emerged – for the product to be accurate in its calculations, easy to use and communicate with veterinarians and the owner of pet.
At the beginning of 2022, a Start Up-type company was founded, which included industry professionals from both the IT and marketing sectors, forming the core team of the project.

Hellium connected dog collar

The hardwave is very energy efficient as it operates in LoraWan network, a low-power, wide area networking protocol built on top of the LoRa radio modulation technique.

LongFi, a protocol purpose built for a peer-to-peer wireless network, enables to connect BoneX to the blockchain-based Helium, i.e., the People’s Network- distributed network of long-range wireless hotspots.

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Features your dog will love

From price to quality BoneX will provide you the best dog collars possible.

This expertly formulated collar combines features starting from collecting your pet`s total daily activities, steps, stress level, consumed and utilized calories to guiding you through your pet`s overall health condition, identify its initial deviations, alert of changes, potential risks, and inform of the feasible solutions.

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BoneX mobile application

Challenge your dog application provide visualization of every feature in entertaining and in an easy to understand way. Click “Learn more” and you can go through application preview. Enjoy! It also will display species-tailored key statistics of dog’s physical performance and activity level, incl. walked distance and number of steps, spent calories, suggest daily optimal feeding guidelines and the most beneficial dog exercise program to reach the desired weight and activity level fit for each pet. Additionally, you will be provided with an opportunity to subscribe to paid online veterinary services and take part in organized online dog tournaments.

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October 2021 Initial idea
December 2021 Business plan creation
January 2022 Visual identity creation
February 2022 Starting R&D
March - April 2022 Circuitboard developing and begining of firmware development
June - August 2022 Working prototype (MVP 1) and product housing creation completed
September - October 2022 Testing
December 2022 Kickstarter campaign
January - March 2023 App developing (MVP II) and testing
April - May 2023 Tooling and manufacturing, Certification, Production run test
June 2023 Ship to our kickstarter backers
October 2021 BoneX start
December 2021 Business plan creation
Aug 2022 Expected relise

Powered By Helium Network

Helium Network is a new kind of wireless device where everyone can create a network for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The People’s Network, developed by blockchain-based Helium, is the world’s fastest growing wireless block-chain network where data traffic costs less than using satellites or 3G and 4G technologies. Hot spots supply an internet connection to countless miles of range and to thousands of technological devices using a wireless technology called LongFi.

It reaches 200 times further than wi-fi. With the helium hotspot you are helping to create a more connected future. BoneX is committed to bringing digital to every pet person for a safer and more connected world. Coverage map:


The NFT collection was created as part of the kickstarter campaign because we connected our vision of the future with the creation of the GameFi feature. We created a collection of 6 unique NFTs, each made from live animal photos from artist @ppl.vs. 1 of them represents the company as a whole and gives its owner a unique platinum membership card, which gives a lifetime opportunity to get every latest model and use all functions for free, but the owner of this NFT can also apply for 1% of the company’s capital. 5 of them represent members of the company’s core team and give the owner a unique gold membership card that gives them free access to every latest model and all the features for free for life. We are passionate about the utility possibilities of NFTs, so we wanted to support people who are passionate about the project with something that will not lose value and will be useful for a lifetime. 

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